I want to teach some Elixir. Any volunteers to be taught?

Hi, Denis.

I’d like to sign up for one-on-one sessions. I can start towards the end of next week. I’m in Europe. What time zone are you in?


Hi, I am in. I am in Australia. Happy to get involve in an open source project too. Or a commercial.

The next session is TOMORROW, 19.11.19, 11:00UTC. Please ping me in PM if you want to join so I will know in advance how many people we’ll have.

I’ll send a Zoom link to the Telegram channel (the channel is in my profile).

For everybody who ask me to add them: I’m not adding, you just joining, that’s it.

I don’t have 1-on-1 sessions (yet). UTC+4.

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Sounds great. Thank you.

Today we added some functionality to the script. Next step is refactoring, and the next session is on Friday, 11:00 UTC.

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Btw, anybody who have a pet project in Elixir and wants a code review, it’s also an option for the next session.

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Today session went good, we refactored https://github.com/denispeplin/grab_elixir a little bit more. Not perfect, but now we can continue with it.
Next time we may look into Phoenix LiveViews.

And, next time is Tuesday.
What about UTC 11:00? Who wants other time or maybe weekends? I cannot promise anything but we may change time.


Ok, so I think we could move to the next project. While I can continue with the grabber, it lost most of the value, because people are not coming from the forum to the live sessions. We could still use it later for the project I have in mind, but I wouldn’t expect too much.

The next project will definitely involve database part and web and will use Phoenix. It could be followed also by participating as a contributor to Github repository.

I can’t promise any real-life value, but I’ll try to make something else than a ecommerce store or a guestbook.

I have an idea: let’s assume I actually mentoring some people while they learning Elixir. And by mentoring I mean leading a simple opensource project so Elixir learners could contribute. That will include planning, creating tasks, having live sessions and doing code reviews.

I want to create a project that would help to do the mentoring.

A user story (very rough one):

In addition to just having the project on Github I’d like to have some information about participants of the mentorship: what background they have (languages), do they work as professional programmers, do they work as backend or fullstack, what are they goals.
I also want to potential participants to have accounts in the system, be able to log in via Github and to request mentorship.
A mentor could accept the request and could finish the mentorship later.
Mentorship will include some projects to work on (this one for a start).
We need some instant communication system. Telegram would work fine.

A schema to implement: https://dbdiagram.io/d/5ddabadfedf08a25543e4ca3 (timestamps are assumed, they will be added to the actual implementation).

So as you can see, there are lots of things to be implemented. And the project could be extended, I just wanted the MVP to be small so it won’t take too much time to do it.

I’ll start the actual implementation tomorrow (Tuesday 26.11.19) 11:00 UTC. I’ll post a Zoom link into the Telegram channel: http://t.me/teach_elixir

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The app: https://github.com/denispeplin/mentorapp
We only had time today to create the app and two schemas. I’ll add two more schemas before the next session so we could continue with sometning more interesting.

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Are you still taking on new students?
I’m a bit closer to intermediate with elixir but I feel like I still have a lot to learn and I’d love to work with others on a project.

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I’m not taking, they are just coming. So you are welcome @Zesky665

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Interested too :slight_smile:

The timezone is not favorable as I’m usually at work around that time. Can the lectures be published or uploaded.

That’s not a lecture. It’s just a group call. It can be recorded, but it I’m not like uploading it without editing and editing will take too much time.

What time is good? I’m collecting opinions, at the time I have only two.

I would be interested as well. I have a background in Ruby but recently starting using elixir in a ruby way and would love to learn idioms better and drop my rails mindset. I am currently reading programming elixir and would love to work on some open source projects.

I post announcements in the Telegram channel. The next session is today.

Next session is this sunday, UTC 14:00.

Weekends will suffice, anytime Saturday and later in the day on Sundays, after 1pm - my humble suggestion sir.

Thanks. I will think about it. Can’t do it now however, for now it’s Sundays (this week too).