I want to teach some Elixir. Any volunteers to be taught?

Hello there!

I have a little in-home experience teaching physics and I have nobody to teach Elixir to, but I want to try. So I decided to search here.

We may:

  1. Have pair programming sessions.
  2. Build some opensource projects together.
  3. Have some code reviews while working on opensource projects.

As a result, we may have something for your (and mine) Github profile and also some extra experience.

I’m a regular backend Elixir programmer, so don’t expect any specific fancy stuff from me. Just a regular web application code for real-life applications.

Your experience may vary, but I’m mostly thinking about beginners in Elixir who came from another language. If you are a beginner in programming, we may talk about some steps to take you closer to doing some real stuff.

P.S. I’m not entirely sure this isn’t an offtopic. Point me please in the right direction if it is.


Where in the world are you?

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thanks so much for the offer. i am going over some tutorials on my own right now and would love to have someone to ping and build stuff together on. my background is really self-taught and i’m working on building a full-stack mobile app with integrated backend in elixir.

i’m currently working on integrating a twilio authentication with the guardian library and hopefully setting up more stuff in authentication (instead of JWT) and user database.

would you be interested in this topic? if not, let me know if there’s anything else you’re building and i’d love to collaborate. thank you!


I’m very interested. I discover elixir this summer and test quickly tiny basics projects.

But i stop It since… , i want to made a New intensive learning session as i have à lot of time now.

my first goal will be to reproduce simple applications that i made in rails with auth, nested forms, nested routes, pagination, import csv.
And learn how i can build and connect an elixir api to a front end with auth . I’m interested in nerve too.

I know that i have to learn deeply basics of elixir and ecto before that. If you can help me and un block pain point during side projects i will learn à lot.

Some things i did after reading elixirschool:

  • create a web server with PlugCowboy elixir library
  • doing some exercices on exercism but i find It hard and stopped
  • a phoenix landing page with a backoffice to list leadswith pow auth
  • understanding ecto changeset and validations
  • integrating tailwind and sveltejs
  • made a tutorial that teach me some tests with exunit

Hope for your news.


Sounds like a great idea @denispeplin :023:

Perhaps you could use the forum or have more open class on the forum where more people can join in? Could be an interesting way to do it and might benefit more people :smiley:


I would like to be in the class. ^^

I’m not quite new to Elixir, but I have a lot to learn. Far too much, I’m afraid.

Somehow, I managed to write a classifieds website with Phoenix thanks to this forum and other free learning resources on the web. The administration platform allows admin users to add categories associated with almost any type of criteria to be fulfilled when creating an ad. Generated form fields can be text, number or datetime inputs, select tag with predefined options, predifined chexboxes or radio buttons with less or more complex validations.
Even though all seem to work fine, I’m sure it could be better:

  • for example my Ecto queries could probably be enhanced.
  • I have not written any code to test it. Unit testing is my pet peeve. That’s probably one of the reasons why I still have no contribution in the world of open source.

Finally, unfortunately I have some technical limitations.

  • I have a really limited internet connection (I use mobile data) so I will not be able to participate in videoconferencing if there is. So it would arrange me a lot if exchanges are via emails or text chat, or even on this forum.
  • English is not my native language so sometimes I have hard time to understand or to make myself be understood… So I’m learning that too. ^^

I don’t know how many people you will be able to take in your class :slight_smile:, but bravo for taking this initiative.


Thanks for the initiative @denispeplin. I would like to be a part of it.

I have no knowledge of elixir. Just bought the Elixir in action book and will start trying it out on the weekend.

I do have development experience in js, kotlin, java, groovy, a bit of clojure and lisp.


Need a TA? :grin:

P.S. I just finished the Zipper challenge on Exercism an hour ago (not graded yet)

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Sounds very interesting. Definitely interested in hacking on some open source stuff especially.

Count me in.

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I’m learning Since a year Elixir and Phoenix like 4 months. And I do everything alone.
It will be good have someone help me in some decisions and things that I feel afraid.

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Great, there are some volunteers. How would we start?

Could you elaborate on this, @AstonJ? I’m up for open classes so more people could join, but I don’t get how could I use the forum for this.

Hi there!

I’m a total beginner to Elixir - having only done some intermediate Javascript & CSS & HTML, and some basics in a couple other things - but have heard great stuff about Elixir, and really want to learn it! So this sounds great, and I really hope to be part of the opportunity :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Would love to be a part of this! I’m very new to the language and have been reading Phoenix in Action as an introduction. I mainly use JavaScript but have some knowledge of Ruby too. Would love to work on a project with some of the people here.

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Well, while we figure out how would we start, anyone who is ready to start ping me. I’ll create a Zoom call and we could try something.

I think it depends on how you were going to structure your teaching - if it’s something that lends itself well to a platform like a forum, you could start a thread and use that either as a focal point (where you post exercises etc) or somewhere to post updates as per @magiknono’s suggestion.

The great thing about having something on the forum is it will be seen by a lot of people… so could not only make for interesting reading for others, but also a way to attract more people or even opinions from more experienced people.

Totally up to you :slight_smile:


I was thinking more about peer-to-peer for a start.
Ok, so I’m online for next… 10 hours with some breaks.
Anybody who is ready ping me and we organize a call.


Hi there,

Sounds good! I’m completely new to Elixir, so I’m going to look at a couple basic things jut to make the best use of your time, and then if you’re still free I’ll be down to call. What do you think?

Thanks so much!


Sounds good!

I’m in Volgograd, Russia. Updated my profile, location added.

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We had our first session with @g5becks and @ZsoltMaslanyi

The result is here: https://github.com/denispeplin/grab_elixir (it grabs username, link to user’s profile and posts from this page).

I will continue tomorrow with adding some Ecto and saving stuff taken from the forum.

We decided on the call that it’s a good idea to have Telegram channel for quicker notifications. Here it is: t.me/teach_elixir

I think I’ll be running next session tomorrow 11:00 UTC approx. Ping me around this time in the telegram channel if you want to join.


Actually, if you have some pet project to show during the calls, we can go through it to find something to improve.