I'd like to contribute to elixir! (how to work on supporting erlang otp issues?)

Hello. I’m working as an engineer of elixir.

These days, I really want to contribute to elixir! So I read how to contribute elixir guide. After reading the guide, I saw a issues of github, then I found a issue of Supporting Erlang OTP 22.

I’ve read comments on the issue, but I don’t know how to start to tackle it.
I think there are many contributors in elixir forum, so I’d like to know the way!

If the issue is not good for me (I’m still not familiar with elixir…), I’d like to change an issue to tackle.

By the way, I was working on this issue at first. I stopped to work on it when v0idpwn says “I ain’t sure if this is a bug”. So I want another issue instead of it.

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This comment on the OTP 22 issue suggests the remaining items shouldn’t be worked on until Elixir requires OTP 22; based on the historical pattern of supporting a couple OTP releases back I wouldn’t expect that to happen until OTP 24 is available, unless there’s a compelling reason.

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The issue you have pointed mentions this:

To be implemented when we require Erlang 22 exclusively

I do not think that 1.12 will drop support for OTP 21, so your work would stagnate in limbo for some time.

About a way to start - find a place where you find Elixir lacking (the low hanging fruit tip - documentation) and work on that. This is how I come up with coverage reports and logger - I wanted to fix my pain point. Go that way and you will find a joy in such work, more than just picking random issue and trying to understand what is needed to be done.


Thank you for your answer.
So, I should start with easy contibution and if there is a not too difficult issue for me, I work on that.

That’s a good way, isn’t it?