IDE/Editor support page on Elixir wiki

Hi everyone,

I have updated Elixir’s wiki page on IDE/Editor support and I am now linking to it from the website.

If you know of other editors and integrations which are up to date or if you know of up to date material to help folks get started, please add them to the page. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Are there any official or community plans to support Pulsar (editor based on archived Atom)?

Update: Looks like IntelliJ plugin (stable version) is outdated. The release v16.0.0 supports only 2023.2 IDEs when current version is IntelliJ IDEA 2023.3.2 (Community Edition), so it’s worth to mention that canary release channel is currently needed for latest IDE’s version.

Lexical is missing from LSP list


I was told there would be sublime text support… :troll: :laughing:

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Sublime is listed on the page, although I am unaware of the current status. In any case, the goal of the thread is not to necessarily ask for support, but rather make sure the Wiki is up to date with the current tools and versions of everything. if someone wants to use this thread as encouragement to work on tooling for a given editor, even better! :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Some encouragement and thanks for the Emacs modes, asdf/rtx and elixir-ls maintainers. I thought emacs 30 was ambitious (stable is 29 I believe, I upgraded from doom + emacs 28), but after some tinkering it works, and I got what I wanted (feedback on errors also in .heex.html files). And I got some options in the process, e.g. debugging and support for multiple elixir / erlang versions if needed. Keep up the good work!

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Egg all over my face :man_facepalming:
Also I was just pulling your leg, thank you for everything.

we have so many “next generation” language servers :joy:


The Zed editor has very good Elixir support (but no plugins)


I use LazyVim, it has out of the box support for Elixir as documented here with a simple config command or one line config entry:

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and it’s been made open source just today I think. Unfortunately, macOS only.