IDE performance problems with JetBrains IDEA and the Elixir plugin?

First let me say I’m VERY grateful for

That said, I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on troubleshooting severe lag in IDEA when using that plugin. I have been using IDEA now for a couple of months (with Elixir and Python, and a wee bit of Clojure via Cursive), and at first it was fine.

A week into things, I suddenly started having some very delayed editor interaction (typing, syntax highlighting, etc.) I thought perhaps it was the excellent but not quite exactly-the-same-as-Vi vim plugin, but before I could dig, the problem went away. Now during the last two months, IDEA has updated twice in versions. Perhaps a version change “fixed” the first round of lag… who knows.

But today, using the latest IDEA (pro/commercial) and Elixir plugin, the lag is extreme. If I disable that plugin, it’s fine. I watch the IDEA process monitor and see frequent psi and JIT compiler entries, each using 15-22% CPU. I tried to look into the code for the Elixir plugin on Github, but the parser stuff and the IDEA integration is way beyond my current knowledge, so that didn’t help me. I’m thinking if there’s some way to tune the plugin to not be so aggressive in helping me - don’t recompile and rethink the code structure on every character I press… or whatever.

Does anyone use this and have suggestions?


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Most java based things are not terribly fast for me in general, including IntelliJ (which is far better than Eclipse at least), but what you are describing sounds like dialyzer running? It’s first run on any given project can take quite a while. You can disable it but then you losing the dialyzations.