Idea for implementing native mobile applications with Elixir using json over the wire

Hi, I’ve seen a few people ask time again about developing native mobile apps using elixir and i came accross something interesting that could be perfect due to the nature of Elixir’s runtime which allows us to implement liveview better than those found in other programming languages.

From what i understand, the site is a platform that has a novel approach where it sends json mark-up over http and converts it to native android/ios objects over the wire just like html is sent over http and interpreted to a webpage by a browser.

I have android so i cannot test the production apps that are said to be on ios

It looks as if the project has been taken over and now called jsonelle, however the old documentation and implementation seems to still stand.

I have no experience with such things and hence would rather allow the experienced elixir community to discuss or decide if something like this is possible

Would implementing something like this with the help of phoenix and liveview be a smart way to bring Elixir to mobile?