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As you can read in my other thread i am really new to programming, but not new in IT.
So i have a lot of knowledge as a user and administrator in different kind of Software.

I have the question if Elixir is capable of the following ideas. It’s not important that some of the project can’t be made by someone alone. That is not the topic.

  1. A monitoring software
    You install an “agent or probe” on a client and the client pushes (or the server asks) for different kind of data (% storage left on the device, status of an SSL certificate etc.).
    The data will be shown in a web user interface.
    You can take this for example → PRTG Network Monitor » All-In-One Network Monitoring Software
    I don’t know if you are able to make such agent in Elixir, or if you have to avoid to another language for this part and use Elixir just for the web app. As far a i know PRTG is implemented in Delphi, Go and C++.

  2. A Ticketing System in Kanban Style.
    This would be for internal usage. Just plain webbased with drag&dropping tickets from line to line (New, In Progress, Waiting, Done…). With incoming mails processed directly to a new ticket and the option to answer directly to a customer from the “ticketcards” via mail.
    Is this possible?

Thanks for your input,

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  1. Yes, I think elixir is capable of doing this, server and client. Only if you want to have some command line tool for user interaction, I’d fall back into another language and let it talk via a unix-socket (or even a REST-API) to the elixir part.
  2. This idea sounds more like “presentation” of data available else where. I think elixir is capable of creating an app that “hosts” and “serves” this data, perhaps rendering it into static HTML, but that level of user interaction you describe is more in the domain of JavaScript talking back to the server. Perhaps you can abstract parts of it away using drab, but I’m pretty sure, knowing JavaScript will help you with this.

As @NobbZ said, the majority of work here is going to be on the frontend side. For a modern user experience, you’ll want a JavaScript-heavy SPA. The backend is going to be pretty straightforward here - still a great use case for Elixir.

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The first point looks like Nagios. Elixir for the backend would be a nice use case. For the client, anything that can talk to an API would be enough.

For the second point, there is a similar project… but as @stefanchrobot said, front end is more related to other language (Here it is React).

This is exactly what i want to build myself. Looks nice and smooth for me.
I really love Kanban, but in germany it’s not as much implemented like others. ITIL related stuff for example.
Thanks for the link!

Would Elm be capable of doint the web frontend part? Or is it not distinguished for doing those actions, like drag&drop, mailing etc.?

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Not knowing elm very much, but I’m pretty sure it is capable. I’ve seen applications written in elm that make heavy use of drag and drop.

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