Ideas vs execution - prioritising

TL; DR = How do people make choices among competing values? (Say, money and satisfaction)
Especially in context of choosing what idea to bring to execution , when you have a list of 3-4 good ideas.

I’ve been learning phoenix LiveView for past month or so (Elixir : 3 months now) and have 3-4 project ideas.

Until now, I’ve considered prioritising as fairly straightforward decisions with choosing one thing I want to accomplish (say, learn new feature, or for sake of pair programming with a smart friend or …)

Lately , I’ve been realising Equally good(worthy) competing values in pRoposed projects making prioritising difficult.

How does one generally go about prioritising projects? What metrics do you use? Is there a good decision framework?

My projects ideas :

  1. Integrating payments (UPI payments because I am in India) with LiveView, and keep a couple of routes behind paywall.

  2. Writing tiddlywiki clone with LiveView - with collaborative editing Using Delta (by people at Slab)

  3. Telegram bots managed by Elixir Supervisor. Or an OTP app for the same.
    (I intend to host this on my Android via Termux just to see if my phone can handle expected traffic /load )

Here are a couple of general thoughts.

Rank your priorities. What’s most important to you? Making money, doing something fun to improve your mental health, or whatever.

As for ideas, everyone always worries about finding the best idea. Most ideas are good enough, especially if you execute on them well. Worry more about how you make the idea you choose a winner than picking a predetermined winner.


Neatly emphasized the importance of execution.

I’ll just get started.

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Analysis paralysis is a thing and many of us are vulnerable to it (myself included sometimes).

Just start doing the thing. Many things get better fleshed out in your head as you progress.

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