IdleTimeout - A simple mechanism to timeout idle Elixir processes after a given period of inactivity

Hi everybody,

I just published my first Elixir library. Nothing fancy, just a linked watchdog that kills itself (and thus the parent process) unless you indicate activity to it.

As I’m new to Elixir and it’s my first Elixir lib I’d love to get feeback about coding style, implementation, documentation, testing and packaging. Concrete questions:

  • Is the implementation (linked harakiri-process) the best way to do this?
  • Is the documentation sufficient?
  • Is there enough testing? I only tested the public interface.
  • I had trouble getting doctest to work because the interface is completely async and the direct return values don’t matter at all. How would one make working doctests for this?
  • Any comments about coding style?
  • Any mistakes about the packaging? What exactly is an “application” of an Elixir package? Should I have included the example.exs somehow?

Thanks in advance for any help given. :slight_smile:


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