Iex as shell?

Python has
Scala has ammonite: Hands-on Scala: Setting Up

Does elixir/iex have any projects that tries to use the repl as a replacement for the bash shell ?


There is toolshed (created for nerves)

Here’s a sample list of helpers:

  • cmd - run a command and print out the output
  • top - get a list of the top processes and their OTP applications based on CPU and memory
  • exit - exit an IEx session (useful over ssh)
  • tree - list directory contents as a tree
  • save_term/load_term - save and load Elixir terms to files
  • ping - check if a remote host is up (almost like ping, but uses TCP instead of ICMP to avoid needing additional permissions)
  • ifconfig - list network interfaces
  • lsusb - list USB devices
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@Sebb Toolshed/nerves looks interesting. Thanks!