Iex helpers in VS Code Elixir-LS

How can I use Iex helpers in VS Code Elixir-LS without typing full module name every time.
I want to use a simple pid("0.352.0").
But right now it does not work:

import IEx.Helpers
>error: undefined function pid/1 (there is no such import)

Can you please expand on the context in which you’re trying this? Your code doesn’t run “in” VS Code ElixirLS – it’s just a language server that provides code insights to your editor. So it’s not really clear where you’re trying to run this code.

That’s currently not supported. The debug session eval environment is stateless. I opened a bug for tracking Stateful eval session in debugger · Issue #958 · elixir-lsp/elixir-ls · GitHub


Thank you!