IEX in Windows Powershell?

Hi. I’ve noticed that Windows Powershell has it’s own IEX command and you cannot access Elixir’s IEX due to the conflict. This isn’t a critical issue as you can use IEX fine in standard command prompt or Git Bash. That said having access to PowerShell’s, well powerful, features, and still being able to use IEX would be nice. What advice is there on this issue at the moment?

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instead of invoking iex, invoke as iex.bat or you can use an alias set on your profile file, which will be loaded every new session.

I usually alias it as ielx


iex.bat is fine - thanks for the quick response - I prefer Powershell over CMD/Bash but it has its quirks time to time :slight_smile:

Yea, I would rather be able to override the iex with an alias, but it is not possible :frowning_face:

@joaoevangelista You can remove the iex command by adding this command to your Powershell profile:
remove-item alias:iex -Force

Make sure to restart Powershell after adding it, so that your profile is reloaded. And if you will use any command from the web they might now fail if they are relying on iex.