.iexs.exs file not loaded after continue/0 or respawn/0


I am using the tooling of iex, especially the break! macro.
I like very much the possibility to debug private functions with that tool, cuz it’s not possible within unit tests unfortunately.

I also have set some aliases in my local .iex.exs file.

However it appears when break reached and entering pry(1)> mode, that leaving that mode using continue/0 or respawn/0 will not reload the .iex.exs file.

is there a way to set up a callback after these functions to import the .iex.exs file when spawning the new shell process?

Tks ~


I cant say for sure this is the issue, but where do you have your .iex.exs file? In the root of your project or your in the user folder your machine?

I have mine in Users/username with my other dotfiles and it is picked up when i continue and/or respawn.

This has been recently fixed in Elixir master by @marciol. :slight_smile: it should be available in the next version coming out in November.