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Thanks for this book. It has already proved immensely useful in my work.
Thanks for pointing out that I could leave a review even though I didnโ€™t buy on Amazon. โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…


Hey Ben, will do as soon as I have read it :003:


Hey @bentanweihao Iโ€™ve been reading your book since beta version 4 or so I believe, but I always keep having deadlines that prevent me from studying it calmly as I prefer. Iโ€™ll try to finish it until the end of the year and Iโ€™ll post a review! I had some gripes (spelling?) with it, but they seem to have been fixed in the final version :slight_smile:

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Yup! I hope I managed to weed out all the spelling errors, but Iโ€™m pretty sure a few snuck in. Writing is like programming :X. Worse when writing programming books!

If I wanted to encourage someone to purchase this book, which platform is most generous to you as an author that I should point them to โ€“ directly from Manning, your website, or Amazon, or other โ€ฆ?

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My site! And โ€ฆ thanks! <3

Ben: I have read and reviewed 2 other books on Elixir, I will write a review on Amazon on your book soon.



Woot thanks!

@bentanweihao I was wondering if youโ€™re considering adding a chapter about GenStage and Flow in the future? I donโ€™t think any book has anything about them yet.

Maybe in the second edition if Iโ€™m drunk enough to say yes :wink:

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Come to Lisbon and Iโ€™ll help with the drinking part :stuck_out_tongue:

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Been reading since beta, will be happy to give you a review, thoroughly deserved :saxophone::circus_tent::trophy::business_suit_levitating::space_invader:

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Just wrote you the following 5 star review on Amazon.

+1 on hoping youโ€™ll add a section on GenStage. :wink:

This is the best Elixir OTP book Iโ€™ve read so far. The example project in the book, building a resource pooler, is substantial enough to dive into some of the more interesting architectural questions around supervision. While other books Iโ€™ve read or talks Iโ€™ve viewed, enumerate through the nebulous idea of supervision strategies, I still wasnโ€™t sure if I was doing it right. I was left with many questions: How do I add another supervised child dynamically? Does it need to be of the same module type? What if I need to store some state about the supervision, does that go in the supervisor too or should that go in a separate GenServer? Can I control the start order of these processes? All these questions and more were answered as I read chapters 6-8 with great interest. It validated some theories of my own and showed that itโ€™s quite common to use a GenServer within a Supervision Tree to act as the โ€œbrainsโ€ while Supervisors themselves should concentrate on doing only one thing, supervising. The brains can then add more children to this Supervision Tree or start another Supervision Tree for something else, itโ€™s incredibly flexible and powerful.

While the book does cover the classic basics of Elixir and processes a little bit, at no point does it feel boring. The writing style is clear, fun and easy to understand.

There were a few minor typos, but you can get the source code and errata in the manning forum. I wish there was an additional few chapters on other OTP patterns, particularly GenEvent (now GenStage if that is replacing it) as I think this could be useful for reactive programming/event sourcing.


Thanks for taking the time! :purple_heart::heart:

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