I'm a little confused with the Virtual ElixirConf Schedule

I guess I didn’t pay attention to the schedule, or it wasn’t posted when I purchased tickets for the Virtual portion of the conference. I thought it was going to be recordings of the talks given during the in-person portion, but it looks like they are completely different talks.

Will we have access to recorded versions of the in-person portion as well?

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Sept 13 in the Elixir Slack’s #elixirconf channel, @jimfreeze said

The in-person conference talks will be posted at a later date. We are going to try to stream the main track of the in-person conference, but we are not guaranteeing it.

As a virtual ticket holder, you will have access to all virtual talks, all streamed in-person talks, and acess to the in-person talks as soon as they are available.

My understanding is that now the plans are much more firm for the livestream of the in-person talks in the main room.

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That’d be awesome. I’m really interested in a lot of those in-person talks.