I'm facing Compilation error when run mix phx.server

Hello, my friends!
i’m newbie at elixir and phoenix world. I’m doing an excelent course of @RafaelCamarda at :rocket: :seat: that is a little outdated and, i’m facing this issue when i ran mix phx.server:
== Compilation error in file lib/rockelivery_web/views/users_view.ex ==

I’ve done some researches and tried to debug but no success :pensive:

here’s the repo GitHub - msilvaspa/reimagined-adventure

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me

Your UsersView module says this:

But your RockeliveryWeb module doesn’t have a view function:

General note: the more context you can provide about an error when posting it here, the better. The “Compilation error” heading by itself is less useful than the specific message(s) that follow it.

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