Im having problems with the meaning of tepmlates in brunch

in this statement
templates: {
joinTo: “js/app.js”
does it mean all if my js specified in the
javascripts: {
joinTo: {
“customer/js/app.js”: /^(web/static/js)|(node_modules)/,
“admin/js/ex_admin_common.js”: [“web/static/vendor/ex_admin_common.js”],
“admin/js/admin_lte2.js”: [“web/static/vendor/admin_lte2.js”],
“admin/js/jquery.min.js”: [“web/static/vendor/jquery.min.js”],
array will be concat to /priv/static/js/app.js?
if so how would i create different js ex i need app,js agent,js and admin.js whose contents are very different do i just add another javascripts block after templates?