I'm looking for a book on Phoenix hosting/deployment

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a book on Phoenix server hosting / deployment like the following books for Rails,

Docker for Rails Developers


Reliably Deploying Rails Applications

Phoenix is not that young. I expected at least one dedicated book and one dedicated video course on this topic. And as Phoenix also differs from Rails/Django/Laravel in it’s fault-tollerance and hot reload stuff etc, its deployment must be complicated and it should have more learning material.

thank you!

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The guides section here https://hexdocs.pm/distillery/home.html is about as close as you’re going to get at the moment.

For videos https://alchemist.camp/episodes has a number on deployment.


Also check out the threads here on the forum - loads tagged deployment :023:

I’m pretty sure Programming Elixir and Elixir in Action also cover deploying an Elixir app, but IIRC they don’t go too deep into the topic. Adopting Elixir goes more into detail I think:

There was also this screencast that may be of help:

Finally… you may want to add your thoughts in this thread:



Elixir deployment can be complex, but there’s no reason why you cannot deploy it in a simple fashion similar to Java or Ruby.

You don’t have to use hot code reloading, and if you don’t have a clear reason why it would be beneficial to your business I would suggest you probably should not :slight_smile:


iirc it doesn’t go into terrible detail, it’s more high level like red/green deployment and the tools to use etc. - which is cool to share but mostly what turns out to be problematic are the nitty gritty details (at least that’s what it was mostly for me) - a book isn’t necessary the best source there as these details change and are also application dependent.


That shouldn’t be a problem. I follow a Leanpub book about Elm + Phoenix at Github which is updated constantly. Not many people use this combination (Elm + Phoenix) but he is still updating is regularly, but every web developer needs to learn some level of deployment, so many will buy this book, and the author will be happy to update it time by time.

…updating it


If kubernetes is “overkill”, you can go up to the second part in the series and stop there.

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