I'm looking for work as an Elixir programmer

My name is Jon Crowell and I’m looking for work as an Elixir developer. I’m currently based in Lancaster, PA, but I’m open to relocating as long as it is to LA. Remote work also suits me fine. I have roughly 15 years of experience using Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and assorted other technologies – but I would prefer to work in Elixir. I have about 4 months of Elixir experience on a serious side project I was working on with a friend. Elixir really clicks for me. I’ve previously worked in finance (trading software in Java) and also digital advertising (I built an in-browser ad auctioning system for an approach called header bidding) , but I’m not particular about the domain. I’m open to crypto, but you’ll need to give me a couple months to wrap my head around it.


Try it!

FD: I work there :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll apply.

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Hey @tadasajon I know it’s been a few months but if you’re still looking I’d love to talk. We’re a startup that wants to convert our RoR app to Elixir and are looking for people! Let me know if you’re interested.

Hi Jon,

My name is Dave

Not sure if you have secured anything ar not yet, this was a while ago.

Are you still looking? I have something to run by you if so


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