Image Classification looks like hanged

Just deployed the @kip in the staging server.

While testing the Image.Classification.classify hangs. Tried the followed command locally and staging server.

Staging - Ubuntu:

iex> predictions  = Image.Classification.classify(image)

Any idea what is going on? I work like a breeze locally…


iex(8)> predictions = Image.Classification.classify(image)
  predictions: [
    %{label: "cheetah, chetah, Acinonyx jubatus", score: 0.9999818801879883},
      label: "jaguar, panther, Panthera onca, Felis onca",
      score: 1.4970299844208057e-6
    %{label: "leopard, Panthera pardus", score: 5.347766318664071e-7},
    %{label: "gazelle", score: 2.296157504133589e-7},
      label: "snow leopard, ounce, Panthera uncia",
      score: 1.9233111459016072e-7

Sounds like the Nx is running on the default binary backend which is native Elixir and very slow. Check your config.exs has:

config :nx,
  default_backend: EXLA.Backend

Awesome it works now. thanks

I’ve added it to the runtime.exs. I think it should be fine there I suppose or it has to be in config.exs?

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If you never intend to change it, then config.exs would suffice. You use runtime.exs if you want to configure something at runtime, typically used to read environment variables.

Sure… thanks :slight_smile: