Image classification smart cell doesn't work for majority of tasks

Hi, I’m trying to follow livebook neural network video

and exploring image classification smart cell, although getting error:

Don’t understand though which module produces the error and how to workaround?
I’m user of erlang 26.1.2 and elixir 1.15.7; livebook itself is 0.11.2

22:36:41.485 [error] Kino.listen with #Function<42.105768164/1 in :erl_eval.expr/6> failed with reason:

** (KeyError) key :data not found in: %{
  format: :rgb,
  width: 224,
  height: 126,
  file_ref: {:file, "nxs3izvot6qbs3comjwq6utbfyncoq2q"}
    (elixir 1.15.7) src/elixir.erl:396: :elixir.eval_external_handler/3
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:750: :erl_eval.do_apply/7
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:1026: :erl_eval.expr_list/7
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:456: :erl_eval.expr/6
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:1026: :erl_eval.expr_list/7
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:456: :erl_eval.expr/6
    (stdlib 5.1.1) erl_eval.erl:494: :erl_eval.expr/6

+ Elixir
+ Block
+ Smart

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Basically the only task working on this cell for me is text generation, how to fix the rest of tasks?

@vgrechin remove the explicit {:xla, "0.4.4"} and it should be all good (:exla uses :xla as its dependency, so the right version is installed automatically). Pinning :xla to 0.4.4 basically installs older versions of the other dependencies, including :kino_bumblebee : )

Thanks, I’ll try remove it. But this would trigger xla rebuild on my box so will take some time to share results