Implementing a Calendar

I have implemented functions for converting dates between Persian and Gregorian calendars (algorithm by Kazimierz M. Borkowski). Is there a sample on how should I implement a full calendar?

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Hello, you basically need to implement the Calendar behaviour. There’s a similar project called jalaali and the calendar implementation is here: There’s also a simple calendar used by Elixir tests here:


And the Calendar documentation might also help you with properly implementing this.

And don’t be scared to look in the source code of the built-in Calendar.ISO calendar implementation, it is very readable :smiley: !



There are parts that are not clear to me - at first glance - for example functions involve day and time frictions. And since months in Persian calendar are different from Gregorian months, there might be some corner cases for converting to/from string.

But I decided to not implement the full calendar for now because it is a big interface. I’ll come back to it later.

Just reinvented the wheel! Jalaali package is using the same algorithm! Should have mention it inside docs somewhere though.