Import into instance

I was hoping to try out some of the published livebook solutions for advent of code problems, but I can’t get them imported. On my Livebook dashboard on ( I click Import and paste either the github URL such as aoc_live/day-13.livemd at c87f1ff2be65643cbb06b030bc6a5eb73aa6e6e8 · egze/aoc_live · GitHub
or the raw content of that file in the From Clipboard tab of the Import modal. Either way I see a little progress bar at the top of the page briefly and then nothing. Where does it import to and why am I not seeing it?

This is how I do it: here

That’s what I’m doing but it never opens the import like your video shows. Maybe a browser issue or some setting on my account I need to change?

Maybe recreate the livebook instance?

Created a new Livebook instance and it worked. Not sure what I did to the first one. ::shrug::

Did you see anything unusual on your logs page for that older livebook instance? If I may ask