Increase global electricity access with Elixir and Nerves at SparkMeter

Introductory paragraph

Come join SparkMeter’s Systems Engineering team and help increase electricity access in developing countries. As a Software Engineer focused on Embedded Applications, you will design, build, and maintain our base station software that utility customers around the world depend on to provide reliable power, and the tools that our colleagues need to sell, provision, and support installations of our smart metering systems.

SparkMeter provides a highly integrated solution. You will play a key role in component design and integration. While the Systems Engineering team has a strong background in software engineering, we are at our best when we are applying these same analytic and design principles to the whole product and working in concert with the rest of the company.

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About us

My name: Jon Thacker
My position: VP of Systems Engineering
Company name: SparkMeter
Country: USA
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We are in the process of developing a new product based on Elixir / Nerves for controlling our metering network. While we are relatively new to the technology as a team we see great potential in it and very excited to expand our capabilities.

About the job

Job title: Software Engineer
Job description: Please see the application link for more details.
Salary range: Competitive
Position on remote work: Open to it, but not preferred. Given the nature of this work and focus on physical systems, the preferred location is in our DC office with access to our hardware lab. However, we can consider other arrangements for the right candidates.
Qualifications or experience required: Looking for mid to senior level engineers. Prior experience in Elixir is preferred but not required. Please see the job posting for more details.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: A new Elixir / Nerves based system for controlling our metering solution. This includes an embedded system deployed in the field and cloud systems for managing data ingestion and integration with our existing infrastructure.

About the interview process

  • Application submission (short questions and resume)
  • Phone screen
  • Take-home technical evaluation
  • In-person interview
  • Call with CEO

Further info
Happy to answer questions directly here.
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