Inky Impression working example

In the spirit of taking Nerves discussions out of the ephemeral I will bother/collaborate with people here instead.

@axelson did you ever work around rhe incredibly slow pixel-painter for the impression? I tried the latest PR (stalled as it is) and that took a lot of time and seemed to get stuck on the busy wait. Or it just took a loooooong time. 10+ minutes.

My impression might be borked, don’t know for sure. Can test it later with official means.

Tried to start your inky test repo with Scenic but my Mac was offended by the Erlang version. Might update the versions if you can confirm it should work :smiley:

Need to use a faster drawing method later. But right now I mostly want text on the screen as I have a use-case :slight_smile:


While I’d rate e-ink and, especially the 7-color style screens as “slow” (or even “incredibly slow”), a refresh cycle should complete within ~40 seconds (for the 7.3" 7-color display), and definitely not take 10+ minutes. Which screen are you using? And which github repository were you testing? I have so many that I’m having a hard time keeping track of them all now :laughing:


Tried to get this working:

Tried to get this working as well:

I know that feeling.