Inoffice - Voice chat for remote teams

Hi guys,
My website is finally ready for beta user!
Since the pandemic my company allow us to work remotely. Although it’s nice but it can get boring sometimes as I no longer have small talks with my colleague. Most of the remote software solution only focus on business meeting like Teams, Slack and Zoom. So I created a website with the attention to focus on the social aspect of your office environment. You can try it here
There are some things that make it different from other solutions.

  • It is voice only. The reason for this is because I believe voice is less intrusive than video and not everyone is on their best looks when working remotely.
  • No calling concept, you can just click a button and voice chat instantly. I want to make the process of talking to your colleague as friction less as possible.
  • See who is talking with who and join instantly. Just like in real office, I’m hoping this would encourage you to talk more with your colleague.

Despite the lack of pretty UI, I hope you guys give it a try!

FYI I also posted this on LiveView thread but it wasn’t really user ready at that time.



Hi @valehelle,

Your link is not working for me. It redirects through Slack and crashes.

I will give a try to your app later.


You just need to hover the link to see that the underline slack url is trying to redirect to what you see in the topic, thus if you use it directly it will work, just try it:

Nice idea, but I have a concern that from the moment I allow my microphone it will keep sending all my sound to your backend, even if I am not actively using it.

Opps. The link is fixed now. Can you try again?

Thanks. It’s using webRTC which is a peer to peer connection. There is no sound data that is send to the backend. Your sound is also muted in your side when you are not actively looking at the page.


Awesome :slight_smile:

It would be nice to be possible to mute ourselves in the the web interface.

Great idea!.
Implemented :wink:


Great tool :clap::clap::clap:

I’m actually testing this with my team, but I found the default behaviour of muting when I go to a different tab to be quite annoying. I was able to work around it by having the tab placed on a different browser window so that it is “always open”, but I really wish there was an option to disable the “mute when not open” behaviour.

Nice work on this! Looking forward to where this is going! :tada:


Yeah I agree. The original reason was to prevent user from accidentally broadcasting their sound to everyone when in the background. Having using it for some time it just doesn’t feel natural and with the added mute button I will definitely remove this in the next release(in a few hours).

Again thanks!, I’m going to post all of my update on this thread so do keep a look out.
Also, if you have any feature request feel free to comment here or PM me :grin:

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New Release

  • Remove auto mute functionality in the background.
  • The invite colleague page now have a list of those you have invited and those that have accepted it.
  • You can now add multiple colleague separated by “,”.

New Release

  • Added feature to show status like in the old yahoo messenger days.
  • Now you can see who is offline as well.

New Release

  • UI update.(Hopefully it looks less ugly)
  • Share your screen with your colleague.
  • Notification when your colleague enter your office and desk.
  • Fix invitation email. Last time it always enter spam.
  • It now works on mobile although I’m not sure how many connection it can hold.
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New Release

  • Add sound when a member leave or join a chat.
  • Add ability to nudge a member to get their attention.
  • Change landing page to make it interactive.

New Release

  • Added feature to use webcam.