`inotify-tools` is needed to run `file_system`

When I run this in my terminal mix phx.server I am facing this error. I am on linux Arch.

[error] `inotify-tools` is needed to run `file_system` for your system, check https://github.com/rvoicilas/inotify-tools/wiki for more information about how to install it. If it's already installed but not be found, appoint executable file with `config.exs` or `FILESYSTEM_FSINOTIFY_EXECUTABLE_FILE` env.

[warn] Could not start Phoenix live-reload because we cannot listen to the file system. You don't need to worry! This is an optional feature used during development to refresh your browser when you save files and it does not affect production.

Need solution. I know this is due to my OS. Please help me how to resolve this. From where I can find the path of file system?

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There is a link in the error message you pasted:

It explains how to install the necessary tools, and it has even a section for arch.

And heureka, it is already available in community: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/inotify-tools/

So, basically, its just a pacman -S inotify-tools away…