Installing atom-elixir on windows

Atom looks promising but -for me- installing the package atom-elixir on Windows takes forever (probably something goes wrong) and unfortunately it does not work. Uninstalling it also fails probably because it was not installed at all. Ah well, probably not the topic to ask…

Can Atom also be used to run the code directly from the editor?

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Atom is based on NodeJs and NodeJs on Windows is pain :).
I assume you can delete installed package manually from user directory to clean it.
Should be somewhere in C:\Users%USERNAME%\.atom\

There is package

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Thanks, I tried on Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit and I have the same issue.

So I am doing something wrong or the package is broken.

I submitted a bug report…

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try to install from cmd and check errors
apm install --verbose

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No errors.
If I install using the command line it works but I had to disable/enable the package first.
Not sure what went wrong.

It stopped working again.
Also auto complete is not making any sense.
It feels buggy to me but then again IT COULD ALSO BE ME.
I would expect it to work like in iex where on TAB you get the remaining choices.

iex(1)> String.replace
replace/4             replace_leading/3     replace_prefix/3
replace_suffix/3      replace_trailing/3
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The most mature editor is spacemacs + alchemist.
The Atom on kubuntu workded fine for me (I am not using iex tab).
If you don’t like atom you can try sublime

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Thanks, I will give spacemacs a whirl.

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