Installing Elixir on AWS EC2

I tried to install Elixir on an AWS EC2 Linux instance but I can’t seem to install it. I followed the steps shown here:

I compiled and installed Erland and then compiled Elixir, but I couldn’t install it as it gave me the following error:

/usr/bin/env: escript: No such file or directory
make: *** [erlang] Error 127

I checked the PATH and escript’s and erl’s path (/usr/local/bin) were there.
does anybody have any idea what the problem is?


What was the last command you entered before getting that error?

sudo make install

So please check if escript is in roots PATH as well:

which escript
sudo which escript
sudo sh -c 'echo $PATH'

If the correct path is not in the last output line, you’ll need adjust roots PATH accordingly (or put a symlink).

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Thank you. I put a symlink for escript and a symlink for erl in /usr/bin and it solved my problem and Elixir installed gracefully.

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