Installing erlang / elixir on ubuntu 22.04

Hi, everyone!

We install erlang / elixir as a part of hosted images generation for GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps in the GitHub - actions/virtual-environments: GitHub Actions virtual environments repository.
Recently we introduced a new Ubuntu 22 image but it looks like the Index of debian repository doesn’t contain packages for Ubuntu 22 even though erlang (but not elixir) deb files are available at the Erlang and Elixir Packages Download - Erlang Solutions
Do we have any ETA when packages for Ubuntu 22 are ready?

Thank you!

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@miketimofeev Official Elixir support and all alternatives are on this page:

Elixir core team does not maintain any other packages, so if those are not enough for you then you need to send a pm to said package author/maintainer.

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