Instrumenting phoenix app with honeycomb


I am trying to instrument my phoenix app with honeycomb without success. Can someone teach me how to do it. I can’t find many documents online about this. Found OpenTelemetry.Honeycomb — opentelemetry_honeycomb v0.5.0-rc.1 but it seem very outdated

Hi @laiboonh!
What have you tried?

I don’t have experience with honeycomb, but here is the small example I put together the other day.

Take a look at the commit e834438. As far as I understand we just need to configure OpenTelemetry.Hoenycomb.Exporter instead of :opentelemetry_zipkin as:

{OpenTelemetry.Honeycomb.Exporter, write_key: System.get_env("HONEYCOMB_WRITEKEY")}

that probably should be enough to get it started