Integrate LiveDashboard to an existing project doesn't show database metrics

Hello Devs,

I’m trying to integrate new Live Dashboard features along with Telemetry, everything works fine expect Database Metrics, I followed the documentation but I don’t know what I’m missing.

Here’s I did it in one commit to see all at once:

Thanks in advance.

You are using the wrong key…


# probably it should be...


Cool! It worked! Thanks! I just noticed we have to keep the pages open in order to see the metrics. I guess that’s how Telemetry works, is there a built-in persistence feature or do I have to do some workaround, connect to 3d party softwares?

Some people are looking for a local solution…

There are other solutions, that imply to send metrics to external services.

statsd, graphite, grafana
prometheus, grafana

And You could also have a look at opencensus

Well, it’s not that simple. You might find this blog useful…