Integrated alternative to jira service desk for emails

Our users love email. Our customer service reps love Jira service management. We want our users to transition to using our web app more.

Currently, we use a mixture of phoenix and Jira API and let Jira be the system of record, and we use it to send out and receive emails. We fetch and display data from Jira tickets inside of our web app.

I am looking for something more integrated, which also cuts out the amount of integration needed between Jira and phoenix. Would people pursue another third party service to handle organizing inbound and outbound email, or would you receive the email directly in phoenix? I don’t expect to do much parsing of the email, but I would like to thread together emails from one customer on one topic. I would like to make our elixir / postgres backend the system of record, and let our customer service reps use our web directly more to create tasks/tickets and close them out, as well as send and receive emails.

Should I just finish out the bindings here (GitHub - kloeckner-i/mail_parser: NIF binding of mail_parser using Rustler)?

I looked at a few elixir libraries. Since I already have Jira service setup, I will try using it as a backend only, and use the add request comment API method to enable sending emails directly from elixir app.

You can use gen_smtp for receiving and sending, though the sending part can be a little bit hard if you aren’t familiar with hosting your own mail service. But for receiving it should work perfectly fine.