Integration with cryptocurrency platforms

Are there any libraries to integrate your Elixir/Phoenix applications to cryptocurrency platforms like Etherium, Cardano, etc?

How are you integrating your Elixir/Phoenix application to this platforms?

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@CinderellaMan might know :003:

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Thanks @AstonJ :heart:, but I’m afraid that this is not what @joaquinalcerro is after🤔
As far as I understand his post correctly, he’s looking for a way to read data from blockchain. My work on the other hand is geared towards exchanges (which at the end of the day are just REST apis).

I don’t know much about inspecting the blockchain but it looks like there are already some packages to do that: GitHub - mana-ethereum/ethereumex: Elixir JSON-RPC client for the Ethereum blockchain

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Ah sorry Kamil - I saw cryptocurrency and immediately thought of you :see_no_evil:

Thanks for the link - I’m sure it will be of help to Joaquin :blush:

Yeah, really heavily depends on what you want. There are IMHO basically two views:

  1. The external requestable via jsonrpc. E.g. from a full node as a service provider such as alchemy Ethereum API - Alchemy Documentation

I’ve not used any existing wrappers but the APIs are easy to use from Hackney and other HTTP libs. And there are libsecp256k1 libraries you can use for signing your transactions. We haven’t “libarized” our code but you can browse the repo of our full node to see how to sign and submit a transaction for example diode_server/transaction.ex at master · diodechain/diode_server · GitHub
Exthereum might have something similar as a library already.

  1. The internal view on the complete Blockchain state. That one is usually only available from within a full node implementation and you have to query it’s native data stores in it’s native language. I’m aware of three node implementations in our space:
  • Exthereum - in Elixir but seems dead. I’ve never tried it.
  • Aeternity - actually Erlang and quite different from Ethereum but seems to be maintained
  • Diodechain - our own, a Constantinople level Ethereum fork. You can’t mirror mainline Ethereum state with it because it’s made for our fork, but it has all the encoders/decoders and data structure modules needed to inspect Ethereum.

Hope this helps in some ways.

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@CinderellaMan thanks for the trading bot video/series I will definitely have a blast with it.

And yes, you are right… I was asking for a library to interact with the Blockchain… I assume our application
should generate transactions and send it to a miner/validator who will do its magic against the rest of the Blockchain… please correct me if I am wrong.

I assume wallets come into play in some place but not sure where.

@AstonJ @CinderellaMan any additional information is very welcome.