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I just published a Visual Studio Code extension with IntelliSense support for Package Versions, because bugged me, that I had to open quite often to check which versions for a specified packages are available.

It is inspired by the IntelliSense for npm packages in package.json files. The extension gives you autocomplete suggestions when you are in a mix.exs inside the deps function. See the gif below.

This is my first VSCode extension and a very early release, so expect room for improvement. :slight_smile: Please let me know what you think.


I usually use mix <package_name>


Heh, I have a similar plugin for npm in Atom, any chance porting this over? ^.^

Yep, but still you would have to switch to a terminal. I like the autocomplete, it’s a little more convenient :slight_smile:

Yea, a port should be not that difficult. If I find some time to learn how Atom Packages work, I will port it. But don’t know when this will be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to let you know that I released version 0.2 of the plugin with improved detection of the deps block and better sorting. :slight_smile:


Great work on this! You have a new user here. :slight_smile:

Also, VSCode extension discovery is great, but here is a link to the extension for anyone interested:

VS Marketplace


Exactly what I was looking for!

@benlime are you also going to implement package search? Something like when you start writing “:httpoi…” you have a list of libraries with description. Same as package.json dependencies on vscode

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Thats a nice idea. Will look into it!


Version 0.3.0 is now available. This should noticeable improve the ux by also providing suggestions after you typed “~>”.


Fantastic! Thank you :smiley:

No problem. I needed it too :see_no_evil:
Just noticed @alvises your post regarding intellisense for package names. I actually would love it. I will look into it.

Thanks for a timely release @benlime

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This is nice, have you considered adding this to ElixirLS (since that’s kinda the Elixir extension I think most people use)