Intellisense in Kino custom widgets or smartcells


Is there any way to enable intellisense in Kino.SmartCell or Kino.JS.Live?

I understand that Kino.SmartCell has the Collaborative editor, but it only provides one editor field for each smart cell.
Is there any way to enable intellisense, like in normal cells, for several text fields in the main.js?

For example, how can I introduce intellisense inside the <textarea id="source"></textarea> in here(
Kino.SmartCell — Kino v0.12.0)?

Hey! The intellisense is only available to the collaborative editor, which is entirely managed by Livebook and consistent with other editors, as opposed to the Smart cell content, which is sandboxed in an iframe.

I see. That makes sense.
Thank you for the help!