Interact with C# desktop app

I’m developing an app which would require multiple instances on different computers to sync on a LAN. My language of choice for the GUI is C#, but Elixir is more fit for the whole “sync” part.

Currently I’m trying to find a way to call C# functions from Elixir and vica versa, but with no success. I’m very much a beginner at using Elixir, so excuse me if this is something trivial, but I couldn’t find any info on it after a google search and looking through stack overflow and this forum.

I think the answer to your question depends on what kind of architecture you are attempting to build out.

For example, if you are okay with having a central server you have a couple of options. You could build an API server in Elixir (or any language really) where you could post JSON or whatever else you are comfortable with and just poll the server from the clients every N seconds in order to collect new information.

You could also use sockets (Phoenix channels could be easy to use here if you don’t want to build out too much yourself) for a more real time data sync. So when you send something from Client A it automatically gets sent to all other clients at the same time.

The previous two options would prevent you from having to call Elixir from C# or C# from Elixir.

However, if you are looking to build more of a peer to peer network, you are still going to have to create a central server for collecting information on how to connect to the other clients. Unfortunately, I do not have much experience in the P2P world, so I do not really know how you would go about sending the data to each other. I would assume you could open a socket for each connected peer, but there may be a better way.