Interactive Elixir in a web browser

A while back i saw a suggestion somewhere that Elixir have a try it in your browser feature. I thought this was a cool idea, but it wasn’t something i personally needed. Today i had nothing better to do so i proof of concepted what it would take to get a decent console/iex experience in the browser.
This is what i came up with. I had to change ~10 lines of code in Elixir.IEx.Server and Elixir.IEx.Evaluator to redirect IO.

My CSS skills are sub par so that is certainly something that could use work.


anyway check it out here


Jupyter Notebook was working for me with python, but I dont have enough time to check out Elixir’s kernel.
IElixir for Jupyter Notebook

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Actually, I think integrating this with something like elixir koans and putting a nice UI on top would be a great learning experience. Maybe I should dig into their code again to see if it’s doable :thinking:

Ok, I’ve tried to use Elixir kernel for Jupyter Notebook on Manjaro (arch linux). Can confirm everything works fine.

I made a pull request with some basic CSS styling

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Thanks @albydarned for the cool styles!

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