Interesting! LoggerFileBackend just logging 1 one 2 duplicate lines

I have used LoggerFileBackend to log to file,
Things are the log just stop at line 39 (look at the image), I have no idea on this.

Anyone pls give me a hint on this.
Thank you

Just a hint - you do not need to use __ENV__ as that information is already there as part of the log metadata.

It is hard to tell anything without MRE.


Thank for the hint, i have tried, no difference.

My config on LoggerFileBackend

config :logger,
  backends: [{LoggerFileBackend, :debug_log}]

# configuration for the {LoggerFileBackend, :error_log} backend
config :logger, :debug_log,
  path: "./log/transcode1.log",
  level: :debug,
  format: "$time [$level] $metadata $message\n"
  # metadata: [:file, :line]