Interface a .Net Microservice to Phoenix Websockets


I need to add a microservice implemented in ,Net to an already operating Elixir application.

The Elixir application uses Phoenix Websockets with PubSub against web clients.

Some functionality in the clients needs to communicate with the new microservice.

The new functionality needs to communicate via the existing web socket. Possibly via a dedicated channel.

So how would you approach this. I see the following possible solutions
(i) Integrate the microservice with PubSub and behave as an Elixir application. I haven’t found any packages for .Net that do this.
(ii) The microservice connects to the service as a client using Phoenix Sharp. In this case, how do I limit responses to specific clients from the microservice (and the other way around).
(ii) Forward all messages as repackaged tcpip on a socket dedicated to the microservice.

Any ideas?