Intermittent Broadcast Behavior


I have a Phoenix application that relies heavily on channels.

What we’re observing is that when we call the App.Endpoint.broadcast function, about half of the time nothing is coming over the wire.

I have a simple snippet of JavaScript that logs to the console when new content is available. Sometimes the logging happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

I can sit there and repeatedly call the broadcast function and never receive 100% success on broadcast.

I will say that when a user joins a channel they can be subscribed to at least 100 topics. Don’t know if that’s a factor.

Does anyone have any tips on how to debug this situation?

Thank you,


If you don’t have the free ebook Erlang in Anger then grab it, it teaches you how to diagnose and trace messages like that to see what happens and what fails. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I’ve not experienced this as of yet, maybe someone else has? O.o?