Internal error in v3_core when running tests

I forked this repo for a dep

I did mix mix dep.get and tried to run the tests using mix test and I get the following errors


** (CompileError) test/support/router.exs: internal error in v3_core;
crash reason: {case_clause,

  in function  compile:'-select_passes/2-anonymous-2-'/2 (compile.erl, line 536)
  in call from compile:'-internal_comp/4-anonymous-1-'/2 (compile.erl, line 321)
  in call from compile:fold_comp/3 (compile.erl, line 347)
  in call from compile:internal_comp/4 (compile.erl, line 331)
  in call from compile:'-do_compile/2-anonymous-0-'/2 (compile.erl, line 179)
    (stdlib) lists.erl:1338: :lists.foreach/2
    (phoenix) expanding macro: Phoenix.Router.__before_compile__/1
    test/support/router.exs:1: TestAddictRouter (module)

mix -v returns v1.2.1 and
erl -eval 'erlang:display(erlang:system_info(otp_release)), halt().' -noshell returns 19

any ideas?

Other projects are compiling ok on the same machine…

Does updating phoenix_html help as suggested by @chrismccord in Erlang 19.0, Elixir 1.3 and Phoenix 1.1.4 compatible?

Also make sure your Phoenix version used in the project is 1.1.6 at least. Please look in the mix lock file not the version of the generators!

I wasn’t using phoenix_html (I’m forking the addict plugin, and testing that before adding my change).

You were right it was using Phoenix 1.1. upgrading to 1.2.1 and I’m getting much further.