Introducing Elixify - a code editor theme for Elixir!

Currently in beta, which basically means some versions are not yet done - if there are no major stoppers I will start working on the Vim and Emacs versions (as they require quite a bit of additional work).

The most complete versions are:

  • TextMate
  • TextMate2
  • Sublime
  • Atom

I’ve now added a version for:

  • SpaceMacs
  • Vim
  • VSCode

The original TextMate version is the most complete (all others derive from it) so if you feel something is missing check to see if it’s in the TextMate version first.

Edit: download from here
Give it a spin and let me know what you think!


Are you planning on doing a spacemacs version? If not I’ll try and find time at some point to start one. Looks great btw!


Yup @mcginleyr1, the Emacs version should work fine with Spacemacs afaik(?)

I can get the basic version up if you want to complete it… but maybe try the TM (or Sublime) versions first just to make sure the base theme is fine first :slight_smile:

The Emacs version should work fine with Spacemacs.

Spacemacs might be fine and all, but I really wish that they advertised themselves as a starter kit for Emacs. There seem to be some confusion over the fact that Specemacs is just Emacs that has been preconfigured in a certain way.


@AstonJ Whats the text editor in the screenshot?

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TextMate 2 @skippednote

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Ya, i actually work of the dev branch of it. I got tired of maintaining all that myself and their mix and match mode defaults are sane enough for me to live with. Idk I guess I just grew out of yakshaving my editor.

I don’t know if we are speaking about the same here, but my intent was to communicate: Spacemacs = Emacs.

Ah, ya I read that as you were arguing that no one should care about spacemacs as it’s just a starter pack for emacs. But ya it is just emacs :slight_smile:

50 shades of purple, too much)

Hey all, just a quick note to say I have added a version for Vim and SpaceMacs :023:

They are slightly different to the other versions, but I’ve been using them for a while and find them to be better than my old favourite :smiley:

Download them from here and let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Wooh! I just installed in in Spacemacs. I really like the colours you’ve used in this theme.

There is one small problem with using it in Spacemacs, and that is that there is no special colour for highlighted text. This makes it impossible to see what text you have selected (for e.g. deletion or searching). I hope this could be resolved in a future version :slight_smile: .

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Glad you like it @Qqwy :023:

I’ve been using it as my main Vim style for some months now :003:

Re the highlight, yeah that can be fixed - ATM, any colours not specified inherit (I think) their default colours, so it’s just a question of identifying them and changing them. From what I remember there is a tool that helps you see which colours associate to what… I will have to try and find that again :lol:

I’ve added this now @Qqwy - it is likely to change though but least something’s there for now :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’ve made some more updates to the SpaceMacs version and also included a light theme - do you prefer it over the standard one? (It’s less contrast)


Any plans for VS Code? :slight_smile:

Here ya go:

I haven’t tested this yet, so give it a quick check to make sure you’re seeing what’s in the images in the first post :023:


Yea, looks good. Thanks :+1:

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I really like this theme, do you plan to give an iTerm2’s version?


Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t use iTerm so am unfamiliar with it. However you should be able to use this script to convert the textmate theme to it:

If it works please send a PR to get it included :003: