Introducing our new Moderators …and a new Admin, Joe Armstrong!

Please join us in welcoming our new Moderators, as well as Joe Armstrong (@joeerl), one of the creators of Erlang, to our Admin team!

Our new mods will be starting off as Section Moderators, and will be joining our current team of Global Moderators, who are, @benwilson512, @NobbZ, @OvermindDL1, @peerreynders, and @Qqwy.

Our new mods in alphabetical order…

  • @axelson
    Many of you will know Jason has been looking after our official conference talk threads for the last couple of years, and he is now joining our mod team to not only continue that, but look over all of our Learning Resources sections :smiley:

  • @blatyo
    Similarly, many of you will remember Allen helped set-up and look after the Suggestions & Proposals section, he’ll now continue this as the official moderator for that section :smiley:

  • @ConnorRigby
    Connor is part of the Nerves Core team and has been very active on the forum within its sections. Although the entire Nerves team has moderator powers for the Nerves sections, Connor is the first to join the forum mod team itself :smiley:

  • @JEG2
    James is active in many of our learning related sections - and you will have probably noticed he watches most conferences talks and loves to share his reviews/opinions of them, now, being an avid book reader, he is officially going to lead our Book Club :smiley:

  • @kokolegorille
    Many of you will know Koko as he’s probably answered one of your questions! He’s joining the team to help with some of our busiest sections, the Elixir and Phoenix Questions/Help sections :smiley:

We’re sure you’ll agree they will all make fantastic additions to the team - thank you all and welcome! :purple_heart:

Thank you also our GMs for everything you do :purple_heart: and for those of you who would love to join the team, you can - it all depends on how involved you are with the forum. One of the best ways is to be active and get involved with one of our many initiatives :innocent:

New Admin

We are also very excited to announce that Joe Armstrong, one of the creators of Erlang, is joining our Admin team!

Many of you will have noticed that Joe has become more active in the community and on the forum as of late, and so we thought we couldn’t not repay that love by not asking him! Robert and Joe are currently the only active creators of Erlang and we are very honoured that they are spending time with us and being involved with Elixir. We feel that having them both on our Admin team reflects the sentiment of the community - that we hold them in very high regard and are very grateful for their creation, Erlang, which is in no small part making all of our lives better today through Elixir.

Thank you Joe and Robert - we :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: you!


Welcome everybody! :slight_smile:












Hello, Joe!


Welcome all, and thanks for making this possible :heart:


I love watching Joe and reading his blogs (all 3 blogs or so of em…)!

Thanks for all the wonderful articles and videos. I love the Alan Kay one.


Welcome, everyone! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your efforts toward the Elixir and Erlang community.
Joe Armstrong and the other great members-turned-mods, thank you! I’ve read and learned so much from your comments here.


Welcome Joe! I am so proud and happy to be with creators of Erlang and Elixir here in the Elixir Forum. Thank you so much for your efforts!


I first ran across @joeerl in 2010, when I was tasked to decide on a technology my employer should bet on. Scala was the hot stuff back then, and I looked into it, until someone told me that the Scala people were inspired by Erlang. After some weeks of trying out this stuff, I was hooked (I even fondly remember marvelling at exprecs, yaws, mochiweb and that ecosystem. It was like a parallel dimension of cool stuff most people did not know).

Whenever I see things he wrote, I am reminded of a video (with him and, I think, @rvirding?) in which he wore thick-framed glasses and compared a whole bunch of C code to I think one equivalent line of Erlang. The old, bulky telephones they had back then were cool too.

While the company that employed me in these days went under (not Erlang’s fault), I have always used BEAM in some form or another since then.

Joe, I thank you sincerely for creating something that tickled my brain in exactly the right way. Have a good time as an admin!


Erlang The Movie:


Thank you all, current and new Moderators, for your time and commitment.

Again, this is why I think this community is great. Having experienced people and their commitment to the community is great!

Best regards.


Glad to see a bunch of the regulars who already do a great job contributing to the community here get recognized! Welcome all and thanks for keeping the Elixir community as a whole helpful and friendly!


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