Introducting a Neo4J Bolt protocol driver for Elixir


Dear Elixorians,

As we are about to move more of our backend onto Neo4J I discovered that they now feature their own binary protocol called Bolt.

I wanted to get into binary pattern matching anyway so I used this as a learning project. However this is intended to become a serious package. Therefore any ideas/feedback/criticism is much appreciated.

You can check out the docs here:

Find a very rough first (functioning!) prototype here:

This is my first stab at writing any kind of low lever driver, so please be nice.



So what is the status of this project? I’m starting up a new project today and am looking to use Neo4j again, but this time with its Bolt binary protocol. There appears to be one other driver that satisfies this (bolt_sips), but neither driver appears to be stable or complete yet.


Neo4j is awesome now gaiz :slight_smile:


I’ve had great luck with

Just updated for connection to remote Das like GrapheneDB.


:etls doesn’t compile under windows, fair warning. :slight_smile:
Personally fixed it with Hyper-V and fullscreen Ubuntu install, works like a charm ^^


bolt_sips is stable, what features are you looking for, in order to determine if the driver is complete?


Just returned from London’s BETT conference and one guy was telling me about this Graph DB and first what I tough, is there an adapter in elixir for that :smiley: Thanks @mschae for sharing this. Bookmarked! :slight_smile:


update: I changed bolt_sips to use the standard :ssl package by default, therefore it should compile under Windows too. Using ETLS, is optional now, please see the updated docs. HTH