Introductory talks of Erlang/Elixir Concurrency?


I’m trying to sell Elixir to my team for building high performance services? Are there any good introductory talks/videos about Erlang/Elixir Concurrency? I searched on youtube but failed to find any talks that are intended for people who know nothing about Erlang/Elixir. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!


One place to look is in the previous Erlang Factories and User conferences, . There are many talks there on how companies have used Erlang, and now Elixir as well, in building systems. There are many use cases of different types of systems.


Thanks Robert! I’ll take a look at the talks listed there!

Here is another interesting talk from a user group meeting. It is by Dan Macklin head of R&D at Bet365 about introducing Erlang into Bet365. It is less technical and more about the problems around introducing new technology.

Dan has also given a bit more technical talks as well at CodeMesh about introducing Erlang to Bet365. They are Erlang but would apply to Elixir as well. They are also good.


I am working on a talk right now (which will be given through the internet at the Alchemists-Philippines Meetup on the 30th of June) that tackles this problem somewhat; Both going in into why Elixir/Erlangs approach to concurrency is important, how it works and after that explaining how OTP is built on top of that. It will be a practical introduction, so it will also involve some syntax, but the goal is to make this understandable for beginners, including people who’ve never seen Elixir before.

I’ll keep you updated.

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Also, I believe that this is a very good introduction to what Elixir does differently, and why that is awesome:

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