Invoicex - Ecto-based library to manage invoices

Today I have released 1.0.0-rc.0 version of this package. We want to support as much scenarios as possible, so in code (good documentation soon) you can find models for supporting e-commerce projects. Our target is to provide a package which allow to work with invoices and all related to it data as easy as possible.

After Menshen MVP we plan to add:

  1. Add a way to convert Source to Item with multiple currency support
    With this you will be able to create single invoice based on products available in different countries with their own currencies.
  2. Add GenServer for recurring Invoice
    On initialization it will accept callback and invoice from which it fetch number interval. Every time we want to issue invoice it will call callback from state with updated original invoice (new issue date, removed id etc.).
  3. Add a way to calculate Invoice and Group total price.
  4. Add parser
    We want to parse address and fetch all information automatically.
    Helpful resource: Address format at OpenStreetMap

You can find this package on hex.


Link to the project?


OP was just edited to add a link to the bottom. :slight_smile:

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