IO Bound and CPU Bound

How do you know if a web app is IO bound or CPU bound ?
According to my understanding, since a web app is in permanent connection with the database, API, and the client therefore everything is about I/O right ?
Does that mean Elixir / Erlang is better comparing to Golang for web solutions ?

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One answer for all the questions: it depends.


Quick answer: debugging. It totally depends on your app’s implementation.

Well, first of all, web apps are note necessarily in permanently connected to any database (you probably don’t need a database), API or whatever, that’s up to the implementation you make. And even when you have a permanent connection, like websockets or so, that does not mean you are sending messages all the time through it.

Well, web apps are complex and they can be very different from each other, and even when some web apps are identical, there is always an unlimited number of solutions for the same problem. :slight_smile: