iOS or web interpreter

Currently going through various ebooks/tutorials. Would love to run some code in split view either in app or safari.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Currently there is nothing like a try-elixir I am aware off.

Also I am not sure what you would gain from a split view. You don’t modify the screen or such, you are just transforming values. Therefore the way iex does it, feels most natural for me.

You type your input, iex interpretes it and spits out a new line with the result. Now you have displayed input and output in order and con follow the step of a transformation step by step:

iex(1)> [1,2,3]
iex(2)> v |> hd
iex(3)> v |> to_string
iex(4)> v |> to_char_list
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Thanks for the reply!
I actually meant using the split screen feature on iPad. One screen for ebook the other to run code.

I suppose I could run an ssh client instead to run iex

OK, this feature I do know as “multiview” from my Android Tablett :wink:

Besides of that, I always find it hard to write code on touch keyboards. Some special characters you need to code are hidden under a four layered special layouted keyboard page…

My flow for trying around while reading a book is either having that book in paper from my universities library and hack on my laptop or I do have an ebook opened on my tablet left of my laptop and hack on the laptop or the ebook is opened on my second screen right to the laptop while hacking on it :wink:

Yes, sounds a lot like how i usually pick up a language juggling a book with laptop :smiling_imp:

However, I’m trying to make my 12.9" iPad Pro more useful. Def will be running an ssh client on 2nd screen to a dockerized iex

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@makeaweli try Koding or Cloud9 and install Elixir in one of the VM’s. At least I’ve heard Cloud9 works okayish in iPads.

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According to the headline, that is Elixir 0.10.2, so it is really old and might not support recent features and is probably not able to follow the examples given in a recent book.

probably not able to follow the examples given in a recent book

Thats unfortunate! Looks like a useful project nonetheless.

For later reference: I just came across this topic that talks about a newer try elixir online implementation:


On my iPad Air 2 I also wanted to be able to write some Elixir from time to time & out of the box I also couldn’t find an editor for Elixir on App Store.

My solution is that I use Textastic with Elixir.tmbundle. Here’s how to do that!

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