Is anyone working on using Phoenix as a FHIR server

New to this newsgroup. Actually I am new to any newsgroup.

I am a physician who works in informatics standards. I am not a computer scientist. I just want to make medical information safe for computer scientists.

Lurking on this list and reading how much Phoenix is like as a development environment, I am wondering if anyone is currently working on using Phoenix for a HL7 FHIR server. In doing a google search, I found some github repositories, but they haven’t been active for at least 3 years so I suspect nothing is being done. Does anyone know if there is a technical reason why Phoenix isn’t being used or could it be more an issue of too many opportunities and this isn’t one with much interest?

Thank you in advance.

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Uff, keep me updated. Love to add OS for projects in that area… well in any area, I’m just very bad at having ideas on my own.

You might find this presentation interesting, thou I can’t recall if it touched on FHIR at all or just HL7, Using the Beam to Fight COVID-19 | Bryan Hunter | Code BEAM V - YouTube